Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a cheap one piece hockey stick where quality isn't compromised. Being based out of what is often described as the centre of the hockey universe (Toronto, Canada) we’ve player tested our stick at all age and competition levels to ensure quality, durability and continuity across all patterns and flexes.  We’ve taken this invaluable input and feedback and applied it to the design and feel that has separated All Black Stick from its competition.

Top quality carbon fibre hockey sticks are really hard to make, and historically a couple of major brands have controlled almost all of the world’s hockey stick factories. They’ve used that position to earn huge profits by selling sticks at very high prices. That changes with the introduction of All Black Stick, a cheap one piece hockey stick, to the players of the world. We produce our sticks and sell them directly to you, without a huge marketing budget and professional players to pay. ABS is committed to selling our sticks for a fair price, so you can compete using a high end stick without overpaying again.